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Rick Grope, owner of Western Reserve Orthotics & Prosthetics Centre, Inc.

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Your next patient is here"

are hardly the words I expected to be hearing. 


My main goal and reason for living the first 21 years of my life 

was to play professional ball.  In fact, I was pretty good, 

good enough to gain the interest of 

4 major league ball clubs.  

I was fast, had a good glove and was a very good hitter 

with a great arm.  My try out with the Texas Rangers 

was only 2 weeks away and I was already preparing 

to live my life as a professional athlete. 

After all, it was the only thing for which I was training  .  .  .  .

  .  .  . One day, while working in a large machine shop, my world seemed to instantly crumble.  

          A 3000 pound piece of steel fell on my foot. Suddenly, a baseball try out didn’t seem to matter much. 

          I was now fighting to save my leg.

         For the next three years I experienced 6 surgeries and an amazing amount of pain in what would be a vain attempt, 

         what I considered at the time, to remain whole. My right leg was amputated in 1978 at the age of 24.  

           Within a few months after my amputation I was playing baseball again. In fact, I discovered that my life was going on. 

        I had to make a choice either to live my life normally or to be looked upon as a handicapped individual who needed 

        help and expected pity from the rest of the world.  I chose to live as if nothing ever happened.

           I went to school for Accounting. I very quickly decided that wasn’t for me and switched my major to Architecture. 

        During my studies I was often asked to speak to both individuals and groups about how I dealt with the injury and 

        eventual amputation. It was at this point I was asked to consider a career in Prosthetics. 

        I said no for the next 5 years thinking there was something else that was perfectly suited for me.

         I still continued to speak about life with a prosthesis and felt good whenever I helped someone who was about to 
      go through what I experienced. Finally, after 5 years of talking with individuals and speaking to groups I decided 
      it was time to make this a career.  I became a Board Certified, Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist and started making 
      artificial limbs for several different companies over the next 18 years.  

        In February 2001 I began Western Reserve Orthotics Prosthetics Centre, Inc. Our business has been blessed, 

      growing steadily resulting in 3 different moves to larger and more modern facilities.

       I have been blessed to help over 1000 individuals receive artificial limbs helping them get back to living their lives. 


       The patient always comes first at Western Reserve Prosthetics and Orthotics.  I’ll never take for granted 

       what you are going through because I go through it every day of my life. 


       So, if you are the next patient, I welcome you. 


       I wish it never happened to you, but I know, and am glad I can help and encourage you 

          to get back to living your life.