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6431 Mahoning Avenue

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We meet your needs 
and provide 
the devices required 
to help you enjoy your every day life.
  The human leg is a complete mixture of functions.  That's very much the case with a prosthesis. 
A prosthesis is a replacement limb made up of a number of parts.
  We provide artificial limbs with the goal of a perfect fit for every patient. It is not uncommon for us to receive calls from patients of other companies who want their prosthesis to fit or function to its optimum potential.
 Did you know that we also manufacture limbs at our facility? 
We are locally owned providing specialized services for you- our friends and neighbors.
 Whether you struggle with pain, gait issues or basic functionality, Western Reserve O&P Centre stays focused on helping you, your needs.

 We are passionate to achieve your requests and get them done together!  
Rest assured our team will get you 
back on your feet
and living your life again.
Women Vets Never Give Up 
Being Who They Are!
And Neither Should You!
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BK = Below the knee amputation
AK  = Above the knee amputation
Bilateral =   Bi means both, meaning both sides
Hip Disarticualtion =  Amputated at the hip
Hemi-Pelvictomy = Partial removal of pelvis
Upper Extremity = Amputation concerning the arm
Did You Know? . . . .

~ Provides the power to help maintain walking speeds.

~ Assists with the upward motion required for stairs  and inclines.

~ Learns and responds to unique patterns of gait for natural, efficient motion.

 Western Reserve O&P Centre 
Fits Their Patients With More Than Just Comfort.

A patient requested a separation between the toes 
on her prosthesis to wear flip flops ... done!
"Can I paint my toenails?" 

- of course!  

... From Toenails To Skin Tones ...  

We are dedicated to providing a
total wellness process!
We are not finished until you are satisfied.

  Sometimes prosthetists may face challenging patients.... 

  Here is a patient that provided a large challenge to a prosthetist in India.
 Yes, this elephant needed a new leg! After a few attempts adjusting the fit success was achieved. The elephant now strolls through the foliage happily:)

  ... remember, things may be difficult at times but when we stay determined and all work together we can get things accomplished in time!