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Rick's Messages feature new products available to amputees and news events to share. This message featured 
the Ossur "Power Knee" highlighted during an Amputee Support Group Meeting November 2013.

Would you trade your leg for $20,000 - $40,000 - $100,000, or 1 million dollars? 
Would you rather do everything form a wheelchair than pay $100,000 for an AK 
(above the knee amputation)? Obviously that is not a fair question to ask. Or is it? 
More and more insurance companies are drastically reducing 
what they will pay for a prosthesis.

 I may have had a promising career playing professional baseball, but I lost my leg in an accident. So what did that cost me? $500,000 - 1 million - 5 million? I don't know. I had workers compensation for insurance so they paid for the best of everything I needed or wanted. I still could perform many duties and play sports, but not at a professional level. Maybe you don't need to perform at a professional level, maybe you just want to act, look and perform your duties at a normal level. 

If you are a BK amputee,(below the knee amputation) you are pretty lucky. The cost of state of the art prosthesis is about $13,000 - $14,000. A decent AK prosthesis is about $20,000. 
But, consider an AK prosthesis that is beyond state of the art, can let you perform duties like walking up and down steps, navigate inclines, sit, stand up with ease from a chair, walk further distances without fatigue- all as normal people - Wouldn't that be something you need? You need two legs to look, act, and do things that normal people do- don't you?

When I lost my leg, my biggest fear was looking like a cripple, or handicapped, or, God forbid, an amputee. But- now I was one! Being a BK amputee was a lot easier to overcome that "look" than an AK amputee. Why? Because of the components. I still had my own knee. During the last 30 years, older AK amputees couldn't look normal because knees didn't act normal. Knees were a door hinge. They would bend but you had to power the knee with your inside control, just like you have to open or close a door using your power. With the invention of the "Power Knee" by Ossur you can look, act, and feel normal again.
But- there is a big catch - the cost
$65,000 - $75,000

....So I ask the question again.... 
What is your leg worth to you?   

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We held a support group event featuring this innovative product from one of our acclaimed manufacturers, Ossur. 

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